Peter Stark

Infinity Media / Speaker of the Board

Peter Stark

Peter is an energetic entrepreneur and a passionate family man. In both areas of life he explores the importance of leadership and personal satisfaction.As „Life Balance Coach“ he mainly works in German-speaking countries but also has experiences in der UK and especially in the US in order to find ways for a healthier life based on the concept of a „Life-Affirming Mindset“. 

Peter is also founder and CEO of several companies in different areas of industry. The workforce in all of his companies acts (as part of their lives) with the implementation of this model.

In his 40ies, Peter experienced a hard setback and as a result he went through a deep depression. He wanted to cope with this situation without classical medical support by „reprogramming“ his social patterns.

He was shocked by the way our thoughts influence the world and how we experience it. He thought: if this helps me to FEEL healthy -  does it also MAKE me healthy?He gives lectures at several Universities in Vienna or St. Gallen but also for IRR, for Management Circle or the Asia Pacific Institute in China. Peter is also a very popular speaker.His latest project is called 24hours-leadership. It is a festival where different managers and entrepreneurs tell their success stories. The focus is always on the meaning of leadership and the impact of good leadership on the wellbeing of the workforce and the success of companies.